Tuesday, 13 January 2009

* * * * * * * *A LITTLE BAZAAR* * * * * * * *

Hello Disco Cats!!!!!

It's only 7.40am, and i've already been awake for nearly 3 hours - God knows why, but now the little men who built puzzling scaffolding outside my house yesterday have returned to decide they'd like to paint our windows nice and new, and for free, BONUS! only problem being now i've got magic fm blasting away a few feet from me (which I usually love, but not at this hour!) so snoozing is not an option now.

This week i've been planning towards a market i'm setting up with my friend Claire at the Amersham. Which she helped give the best name ever 'A Little Bazaar!' Genius!
We launch it Saturday 31st Jan 2009, then every other week, and we've already got some amazing plans and coming to fruition.
The idea is that it's a crafty/homemade/credit crunch busting market, but that also has general silly things going on that you can get involved/be silly with.

We're currently looking for artists/makers/collectors/sellers etc to be involved, anyone who has a good idea, a piece of cloth, some lovely things and a smile would be perfect. And you don't have to currently be crafty person to think of something to sell, one girl got a doughnut maker for christmas, so Hey Presto - 'Julia's doughnut factory' is born (she even has a syringe for your own choice of fillings!)
Other fun things going on include Kiss-O-Grams, Dress-up Photobooth, Sock Monkey Making, Themed Parties and lots more!
We want to build a little community from the market, play some good music, eat some tasty food, and make some party hats, so GET INVOLVED!

If you'd like a stall, or to get involved, email me:

p.s. the next market falls on valentines day, and i'm already excited about planning a love themed all dayer - Cheesy ballad love-songs, 'Blind Date', Snogging competitions, 'Mr + Mrs', charity date auction and more! I can't wait :)

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