Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Had a fun London day today (part 1) since my poppa is down from up north and we are doing fun things.

Here is some of the funnest things that happened today:

ONE. saw the flying dog from SON OF RAMBOW. he is living on a canal barge near my house don't ya know

TWO. saw a nice robot

THREE. ate beans on toast

FOUR. missed getting soaked in the rain whilst buying a new book

FIVE. found a wonderful magazine for children called ANORAK that's made by the brilliant Supermundane, who i'm now going to hassle to let me draw in PLEASEPLEASEMRMUNDANE

SIX. had a fiery ginger beer with my (almost) new brother

SIEBEN. rode on a fast boat (a catamaran absy - and it totally stayed afloat!)

EIGHT. went to the 02 millennium scout tent for the first time, and realised i still shouldn't of bothered because it's daft and rubbish all at the same time.

NINE. pretended in my head that the 02 is a big birthday cake

TEN. drank iron-bru, ate mini eggs and watched 'The Dark Knight' with poppa leach, which i thought was tip top (if just a bit long)

altogether a good day.

tomorrow = science

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