Friday, 16 January 2009

summer is just around the corner....i can smell it!

Benicassim 2007

Me and anne my german sister booked Benicassim tickets last night on a bit of a whim, and it has cheered me out of cold winterness no end! We've been to beni twice before and made some amazing memories, so i'm very excited that we've got it to look forward to.

I've been invited to go to Dresden the week before for anne's birthday/her parent wedding anniversary, so we'll have more fun there too! and then mosey on down to our spanish adventure!  

The top picture is of the dance arena at beni, it's AMAZING! It has these mist things in the roof, that spray you every now and again so you keep cool (it's still ridiculously hot at 6am!YES)

2009 is going to be BLOOMIN MARVELOUS!

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