Monday, 23 February 2009

diesel 3.0 coming soon.....

Here is a video for the new Diesel Radio 3.0...coming soon!

We love the Diesel Radio people, they are BUFFTING!

I likes this video lots too, cos there's loads of our work featured in in (the drawings/boomboxes/coloured ribbon installation/bunting/stars etc)

Shame about mark ronson opening his mouth and ruining his hotness...YAWN!
He's sitting in front of our work though, which is pretty snazzy!



Marco Crupi said...

Hello I really like your blog, I would like a link exchange with you, I insert your blog to my favorite blogs ;)

the address of my blog is:

My blog deal of the art of photography.

( photo technique, post production, photo retouching, Reportage, how-to and articles )

Sally Leach said...

why not....go ahead!

sallysews said...

hi you should contact diesell in Paris and get a doodle pitch over here

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