Thursday, 19 February 2009

Museum of childhood!

Went to the museum of childhood in Bethnal Green the other day. Me and my friend Tie (who'd come to visit from Glasgow :)) had a lovely stroll along the canal to the musuem (i love living walking distance to things!)
There were loads of toys in big cabinets and lots that I remembered from childhood (I ended up feeling quite spoilt at the amount I have been bought at one time or another!)
It's an amazing day out if you're in London, and the buzz in the air from overly excited childhood is infectious! 
Nice cafe too :)

above is a picture of me with Worzal Gumage and Aunt Sally, I remember how me and my sister always used to say i'd be aunt sally one day. Hopefully soon the way things are going!

Right, i think it's about time I got on with my day....or go bake cookies, hmmmmmm.

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