Monday, 8 June 2009

Lemas, laughter, loveliness, lampshades and Leeds

I have been VERY bad at keeping up with my blog. SLAP for me! It's always one of those ringing your nan - you keep putting it off and the guilt gets higher and higher and higher until it seems like the biggest task, when it's not. Just stop moaning and bloody well get on with it Sally. daft beggar.

Ok here's a recap on the last couple of months, and some of the things I have been lending my robot fingers to:

1. Vend-A-Party, 'Nation of Shopkeepers' Leeds

We (me and my artistic sister in crime) were asked to come up with a an idea for the launch of a fantastic new pub in Leeds - 'Nation of Shopkeepers'

Made by the people behind the Amersham, and the Lock Tavern in London, I've worked on art projects for them several times, including pubs in Bournemouth, Bristol and Sheffield. It's always really fun as they're fully supportive of my ideas, and pub environments are ace for reaching a relaxed crowd.

We pitched a suitably silly idea to them - of making a Human Vending Machine that dispenses party goods to the crowd for the opening night: VEND-A-PARTY!

And what do you know - they went for it!

We gave out tokens to the awaiting crowd, an gave them a menu of options that they could choose from:
1. Hat
2. Cake
3. Badge
4. Balloon

Once they have decided and entered their token into the machine, we got busy customising the object. We taylor made each item by talking to the customer through the funnel phones.

I think we must of made 100's of customised party favours on the opening weekend, and people loved the idea. Hopefully we'll get to take the machine on tour and bring the magic to folks all over the country!

2. Big Fat Festival Mural, 'Nation of Shopkeepers' Leeds

Also bringing my brimming artistic bag of tricks to Leeds, saw me doodling all over a huge wall there.
I was asked to create this festival mural, which ended up being like a huge map, with all the details you'd get at a festival - the perimetre fence, stages, beer tents, portaloos, wrestling dinosaurs, Octopus fairgroud rides etc

This is probably my biggest mural to date - spanning both side of a 25 foot corridor, and it made me remember just how much I enjoy drawing. Just me, a pen, a wall and my ideas. I really want to step into that wall.

I also designed some characters for the food menus. It's always really nice to see your work in different formats!

3. Wizard of Oz development, for 'The Dukes' Theatre, Lancaster.

I've been working of a image design for a children's christmas production of 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' for The Dukes theatre in Lancaster. Yes I know it's only June, but promotion starts mega early for these things you see...

I've been playing around with a cut-out style, which is a new but surprisingly loved new technique for me.

4. A Little Bazaar Shenanigans

A Little Bazaar has been keeping me nice and busy for the past couple of months. We had a wonderful market, which was brimming in wonderful Jewellery.

And a 'Under the Sea' Themed party with it's own 'HMS Bazaar' boat! (and shark!)

We also have a summer holiday to Islington on the cards....more news soon!

Diesel Radio 3.0

Diesel Radio

The lovely people at Diesel asked us to be part of their next outing onto the airwaves, by creating another, more study Boombox.

Made in our bedrooms (tricky) out of foamboard and 100's and 1000's, we were very chuffed with the results!

We also made a huge boombox mural on the walls...

'Scratch' Signs and A-boards
I got in contact with a new food start-up business 'Scratch' through YCN and made them a 3D Sign and A-board for their launch market in London.
The idea of 'Scratch' is that you get a fresh, healthy meal all cut up and with instructions how to cook - genius!
It's lovely to see my work helping a good idea. My A-board's the one on the left.

And in other news.....

I went on a lovely day trip to Brigton recently with my big (little) bride-to-be sister, Amy. The Brighton festival was on with some wonderful things to see, and some lovely perusing of shops to peruse.

We went to see the most amazing Circus I've ever seen 'Tabu'
It was in the 'spaceship bigtop' right by the sea, and was in a promenade style - where there are no seats. It was brilliant to be able to wander around as crazy amazing acrobats and trapeze artists swung around, just above your head!
....really made me wanna run away and join them....

ooooo.....and in some very exciting news - I've finally got a studio :) HOORAY!
Below is a picture of it (before we decended on it with force and a thousand boxes of paint, glitter and books.
I'm sharing it with Maddy, and it's relatively cheap too. Gonna go there today and get everything organised - coordinate all my crayons!

I promise to not be so slack in keeping up from now on!


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Tie said...

that's quite the update!!
you're well ace miss sally face :)
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