Monday, 15 June 2009

My Friend Jay

I like love. Love is ace.

My very dear friend Jay has just got married and sent me an account of his big day. You see Hannah, or Mrs 'Honorary Cockney' Stapleton as she shall now be known, is American and those pesky visa people have been trying their hardest to keep her and Jay apart.
They met a few years ago whilst working on a Disney Cruise ship and have had trouble being together ever since - they even both moved to Australia to spend time together.

Jay went across to America Last week and they tied the knot on a beach! I'm so happy for them and can't wait to actually get to spend time with Hannah without the departure date always looming.

Here's the account of what I think is one of the most romantic weddings ever:

Ok so we now have a Mr & Mrs Jay... and I thought i'd give you a chance to experience our day.

The day was so nice and the wedding itself was pretty perfect. The day started with us stressin out, running around doing last minute bits and pieces. Then we got on the road, it took us about 2 hours to get to Corpus Christi, where the beach was. The cars here are about the size of Bournemouth so the highways are scary places. We arrived at out Hotel....but it was more like a motel... Thats cooler anyway!! And it was quite nice, we didn't really know what to expect because we had booked it late the night before, and we just did one of those things where you book it for really cheap but you don't know what hotel it will be.... And it turned out alright.

We unpacked all our crap then drove down to look at some of the beaches. To pick a spot for the ceremony. We saw a few places, and the beach itself was quite nice, but it was facing the wrong way, and we wanted the sunset in the photos. So we rung the woman who was going to marry us, and she said she knew a spot. Sorted. So we went back to the hotel to get changed. Whilst the missus was faffing about with curlers and stuff, I had a Sam Adams and watched the Basketball..... The real American dream.... but being the total opposite of a basketball player (White, 4ft tall and from England) I got easily confused and Bored. Then the misus came out of the bathroom and she looked gorgeous and it made me realise what we were doing, I to my suprise it felt really right. I've never done this before but I took that as a good sign. H's hair was all curled up and she was wearing a cream dress our friend gave her, and she looked so pretty. I scrubbed up alright too, with me new whistle I bought for Sarah's wedding.

The officiant then turned up and we followed here to this secret spot she knew. When we got there it was quite a nice spot, there was a few people fishing and stuff, but on the whole it looked quite idealic. So we picked a spot, and H was stressing out that we wouldn't have any photos of the ceremony, so she waded out into the sea and asked these two fishermen if they would mind being wedding photographers for the next 10 minutes, and it turned out they were pretty good and it. The ceremony started and it took me a while to warm up, it felt a bit strange to be in the middle of a beach with some woman in a robe and two fishermen taking our photo, but H is an actress so she switched it straight on. The woman had asked us if there was a certain poem or anything we wanted her to read, and not really liking any soppy chain email crap we weren't really sure, so we settled on a small extract from It must be love, hoping that Madness wouldn't be a bad omen. By the time of Nothing more, Nothing less, I was said I was in the swing of things and was being swept away a bit by the moment, and the sea breeze. So after that vows were said, rings were swapped and fishermen were thanked. It was just me, Hannah and the sunset, that was probably the nicest part of the day. We messed about for a bit, taking photos, kissing and cuddling. Then the sun went in and our bellies started to rumble, so we got in the car and drove around the highway trying to find something that wasn't a fast food place. Two hours and one near miss with a concrete post and we was in Ihop, which is the yanky equivalent to the Wimpy.... I know how to treat my women. The lady asked us if we went celebrating our graduation and when we said we had just got married, and now we was in Ihop it looked like that was the saddest thing she'd ever heard. But we didn't care because thats our relationship summed up, doing things that made us happy but no-one else seemed to understand. So full of love and pancakes we picked up a bottle of Champagne and headed back to the hotel room, to see out what had been a pretty special day for us.

So all in all or day couldn't have gone any better. It was so fitting that it was just me and H, although I know you all wanted to be there, and when we do it for real obviously you all will. Now we just have all the visa stuff to finish.... which is a pain in the arse, and we should have a new honourary cockney.

Love you all sooooo much, sorry this went on a bit but I thought you'd all want to know what happened....
See you soon. :)

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