Sunday, 16 August 2009

Building Dens

Hello treacle,

I learnt yesterday that doing a 1/2 hour writing exercise on a regular basis can actually improve your happiness levels. Who'da thunk it? Nice blog, tanks for bringing me delicious seretonin.

This week I went to the Hayward to see the 'Walking in My Mind' Exhibition with my friend, a curiously talented northern lad called Christopher. After a battle for an invisible Peach we went in the gallery and I did a little inner squeal when I saw that one of Yoshitomo Nara's Huts was the first thing in the exhibition.

Yoshitomo is a Japanese Artist who predominantly draws pastel hued, bubble-eyed characters (quite feminine and romantisised really for a dude who likes to pretty much only wear black) and has also recreated his idealised studio space in the forms of these little self contained huts.

I think I'd poop happy-pie forever more if I could have one of these little wonders, especially the prairy style caravan. I could set off with a kite flying from the roof that simply read 'Amazing'

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