Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bestival exploded in my face

So, I'm in a state of shock as to how good Bestival was this year. God saw that everyone had made a lot of effort and sent the sunshine to toast our little faces and warm the ground for us to lay on whilst watching the wackiness unfold.

We worked so hard on the artiness for Bestival Radio and it surely did pay off. The station ended up looking like it'd been through a tropical glitter hurricane and everyone seemed to like it. A lot of the decorations even came home, which almost never happens.....ever.

I send a lot of time watching the weird little things going on this year (something you can't really do when the site resembles a muddy apocalypse)

My favourite thing has got to be BRAMBLE FM radio roadshow. Lots of daftness with Maureen and Leslie. Indeed.

Here's them doing their thing at Camp Bestival:

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