Monday, 21 September 2009

Is it bad that I'm pretty excited about it being winter again?

I think I'm gonna try make my own winter coat this year. But I'm scared, in fact a bit more like terrified of spending a shed load of money on expensive wool material and buggering it up.

Perhaps a cape would be a good starting place?......with a huge wind defying hood.

Would it be super cheesy to make one in red?

Yes, probably.

Maybe the batman one? Would surely make commuting more interesting.

1 comment:

Tie said...

make one in red! make one in red!

my new coat has a wind defying scottish widows-esque hood - is it getting wintery enough in london town that i should bring it? :)

it's proper bleak here...and it's getting dark ALREADY - boohissboo! X

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