Thursday, 12 November 2009


I have been thinking recently that I'm going to have to make a contract for myself. Like a contract you have with an employer, only self-induced for my own well being. (Isn't it weird that I have to do this at all, I mean why do us humans still not know how to look after ourselves?)

I have come to realise, and this is not just a self assessment but seems to be the case with others in this field, that being creative consumes every conscious thought (and many dreams for that matter too) The feelings of non productiveness even plague the evenings, often leading to complete lack of knowing when to JUST STOP.

Don't get me wrong - I would be suspicious of any creative who isn't infected with the compulsion to create 24/7, but sometimes you can find yourself passing entire seasons without spending smiles with loved ones.

Today was my day off.

This is how it was spent.....

Farmer Browne (aka poppa liam) has recently expanded his Mancunian flavoured Eco-battle into his very own muddy space of self-sufficiency. The Allotment.

A trip to Kingston was a must to witness his hard work (and literally taste his success) It was nice to go back to Kingston for the day. University there brought such a great mix of experiences. Kingston has trees, and rivers and manners. A fellow, hairy-necked, allotmentor even had some kittens, one of which very nearly ended up accidentally falling into my pocket and getting carried home.

The sky was big too........beautiful it's-been-raining-all-day-but-it-just-pulled-it-out-of-the-bag-delicious-sunset-sky.
A big belly full of farmer's lasagne was followed by a trip to the cinema to see Fantastic Mr. Fox.

WOW. I've not grinned so much through a movie in ages. I actually felt a bit sick it was so good.
(pointing at the screen and shouting 'awww' is probably not cool though)

Now then. Apple and cinnamon tea, marmite toast, read, bed.

Tomorrow will be fruitful, I can just tell.

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