Tuesday, 3 November 2009


It's raining right now in Dalston. In fact it's been raining all day.
Rain is one of those things that you wince at the thought at, and wince during the first ten minutes of, and then it's kind of liberating and actually quite nice to just get wet. Like fuck it i'm soggy already, so lets embrace it, ride around on my bike and let myself get smack-in-the-face-wet.

It isn't so nice to sit in your studio all day with a bike bum, but hey.

I've decided this is the year I do the same with winter. Winter is brilliant if you think about it. Jumpers, hot vimto, hibernating in double duvets, dark dark skies with big bright moons, vitamin D-replacing root vegetables (did you know they store it up, so when you eat them it helps out with the lack of sunshine. Incredible nature ey?) and rediscovering socks and hats.

One day I will live in a cottage in the middle of a massive forest and only have grizzly bears and the milky way for winter companions. Bliss. I've become increasingly more obsessed with the sky recently, sometimes I feel i'd be a lot calmer if I were near it. There's not a lot of sky in Dalston. Where I grew up there are lots of mountains, moors and sky, and always a distance to look into. I'm really really looking forward to my upcoming set design build in Ulverston, lots of walking and breathing.

I'm giving up my job in 2 weeks which is simultaneously exciting and terrifying, but I feel my leap of faith moment is here. I've loved working at the Amersham, and it's allowed me so many opportunities, but the late nights of bar take their toll on creativity.
Beans on toast for the next foreseeable future then....

A couple of things of note:
A new poster design for En Masse theatre. 'The Toymaker' is a tale of revenge over childhood injustice, which is suitably dark and gorey for children everywhere.

A couple of programme images for a production of 'The Animated Tales of Shakespeare' which will be at the Egg Theatre, Bath next year.

I went to the Welcome Collection the other day (after building some cracking mountains with a group of schoolkids) and I have to say, it's one of the best museums I've been to in ages. Really calming, considering most of the artifacts on display are quite disturbing medical observations and equipment. Great cafe too (they do nectar tea and good cake)

Working on some Christmas products to sell from a shop on my website, so watch this space.


Julia said...

Have you ever consider doing a sideline as a writer? Your blogs are so well written. xx

Sally Leach said...

Ow, ta chuck!
I never thought I was that good communicating through these strange symbols we call words, thanks for the comment.

My life is seemingly panning out as a juggling act of various sidelines, maybe I should add that to the ideas book? (and change my name to 'Del Boy')


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