Friday, 11 December 2009

Tahula the Hula?

So, we had a dilemma at our little spacecamp/building centre in the deisigning stages last week. How exactly do you visualise a computer navigation system that lacks actual physical precense but is indeed only represented by the lushious Basingstoke tones of Kate Bush?

Simple you fools!

You ask the really nice chap, Eugene at 'The Hoop Dance Company' if he can help and HEY PRESTO....

.....We have Kate!
We came up with the idea that Kate will be represented by a glowing red orb that will come to life during our adventure.

The Hoop looks amazing, and we'd all like to say a massive THANKYOU to Eugene and 'The Hoop Dance Company' for helping make our vision of Kate possible.

Here is a little bit about what they do:
"The Hoop Dance Company offers specially designed workshops where you can learn great Hooping skills, Hoop Dance and advanced Hoop Aerobics from the experts. It also sells a wide variety of professional dance and exercise hoops. To view the full range of products visit"

1 comment:

Jessica Druck said...

now those are amazing pictures.

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