Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bringing Creativity to Life (and a soggy Blackburn)

Following the Mural I did on the empty shop in Blackburn town centre I have been asked to create a window display to excite interest in the next phase of the LET project.

The empty shop that once was occupied by Vall Hall Jewellers will be used over the coming months to host an exciting variety of creative activity specifically designed to engage with the town centre audience.

There two curved windows in the shop, divided by a receding doorway, so I began thinking of ways I could engage the viewer from any angle they may approach from. I decided it would be best to have freestanding individual characters rather than, say, one big poster.

I came up with the plan that the window could become an imaginary art studio for one lovely lady, the items around her suggesting possible activities taking place in the coming months.

A little trip to GRUMPY later (best idea/shop ever) and I had my materials to crack on bringing her world to life.

Here's a pic of what I came up with...all laid out in my garden Art Attack style.

Molly's even been earning her keep by making a little friend to keep my Lady company.. you think she looks like me? (I wish I had purple hair)

Really looking forward to installing this little imaginary world soon...I'll keep you posted!

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