Monday, 13 December 2010


So, I have been rather busy on my sewing machine over the past few weeks, making things to open my very own online shop! (you can go to the shop here: I decided to make some limited edition festive dolls and came up with little Santa's and Angels that can either be used as decorations or as a topper for your tree!

 And it seems they have gone down a treat as I've already sold a few. There are still some left in the shop if you'd like one!

I also made some Elf Family door hangers, that are scented with cinnamon oils - they are lusciously Christmassy!

I held a stall at my first Christmas Market too - in the centre of Blackburn on one of the coldest days of the year so far! I had a ridiculous amount of clothes on and was still cold, but it was worth it to see all my creations together and on sale to the passing public!

I was selling my little Santa dolls, Angels, Illustrated Christmas Cards, totes bags and pin badges. Here's a couple of the designs I've come up with for the Christmas badges:

It's a really great feeling when you sell something online, and what a great idea is, in making it so easy to do so! I've been spurred on to make some more things so I've gone for some Kitty and Puppy dolls, who are rather adorable, and all unique!

Spot the difference!.....

Daisy (the real kitty) loves helping out when I'm making things (if batting things off the table to play with or attacking my feet on the sewing machine pedal is classed as helping!)

I can ship things out in time for Christmas up until this Wednesday (15th Dec) so do order things quick if you'd like!

And do let me know/suggest other things you'd like made, I'm hooked!


E is for Eleanor said...

These are beautiful Sally! I love the Santa! Good luck with Etsy, I hope to start my own soon too :)

Sally Leach said...

Thanks Eleanor!
Just looked at your blog too, very nice!
Do let me know when you start your Etsy shop :)


Mrs Biddle said...

Love love love the Cats and Dogs. So cute. You are very talented. x

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