Friday 6 January 2012

This Little Man

6 Months ago a little dude came into my life unlike no other. His name is Bert and I like to pretend (when I can) to be his Ernie.

(This is the dude having his first Christmas dinner)

So, to commemorate the awesomeness that has been his arrival into our lives I decided to make him something equally as special.

When I was a nipper someone (possibly my mum, but I can't remember because...well because I was a mini) got me a plate with all the details of when, where, (how?!) and who I am/was when I was born. I used to be pretty fascinated with it as it hung on the wall of my Laura Ashley wallpapered room, especially the idea that our house was once a toadstool.

(8 lb 11ozs...sorry ma!)

So, I decided to make the little man one of his own to hopefully stare at on his nursery wall, and thought the Circus would be a good starting place (also perhaps because his Momma has a bit of a like for it!)

So here it is, a plate of his very own! (see he was nearly as big as I was!) 
I think the strongman is my favourite (always is) and after a few trials getting it just the right temperature in the oven I think it looks quite super on the plate.

It's really nice to see my drawings on a new surface and after another dear friend had a little baba I did one for her too

Think I might work on some more designs for baby arrivals, perhaps even on some re purposed vintage crockery, it might be quite nice to work with the patterns. Any suggestions for designs you might like are welcome and do get in contact if you'd like one for your special little new friend!

Love Aunt Sally xx

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