Wednesday 11 April 2012

The Little Peach Printing House of Magic

Running yourself as a one person draw machine is undoubtedly not a small undertaking. As well as pitching for illustration jobs and working art time in a school I have also been excitedly building a new extension of my ART MANSION, by setting up a print company - The Little Peach Print Company to be exact!

And I suddenly realised that I have not shared this news with you! Managing more than one blog can be baffling too so I thought I'd give you a round up of what I've been up to and if you so fancy to find out more you can visit The Little Peach Blog for yourself!

So the first asset to the Peachy printing business I wanted to set up is 
custom illustrated Wedding Stationery 

The idea is that you can be illustrated as a couple into your very own design and hand printed in your choice of ink and card colours, meaning your invitations will be truly unique and will be a gift to your guests!

There are a number of pre-drawn backgrounds to choose from in The Sweetheart Collection or you can choose to have a completely Bespoke design in a special setting of your own

I've had so much fun so far designing for some special couples and being involved in bringing their ideas to life!

And since I've had the wedding stationery up and running I've also been focusing my attention on developing a range of illustrated prints for everyone to enjoy!

Here is a peek at the first 6 designs you can buy right now:

I have been really enjoying developing my illustrations into designs to be printed. It's a nice feeling to hand print - like I can physically stamp my idea and technique on something tangible. I'm hoping to keep on printing every week so keep looking out for new designs. I want to have a go at printing fabric and other materials too like wood; screen printing is a versatile medium!

So far I have been mainly printing in the Outhouse at home which is at the moment a wonderfully basic but much appreciated set up! Prints dry on every surface and what was once one used for washing machine and lawn mover storage now bursts into a flurry of creativity!

I have even invented a new use for Mr Slinky!

Hopefully soon I will have my very own exposure machine (and drying rack!) so that the printing will be even more prolific!

You can buy the prints through The Little Peach Shop, Folksy or Etsy and I will also be looking to sell through exciting markets and regional shops - I'll keep you posted :)

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