Thursday 7 June 2012

Happy stairs in Stamford

Good Afternoon Campers!

Have you been having a super duper Jubilee weekend? (for those of you out there in the wider world, did you know that the Queen of the United Kingdom has been our Queen for 60 whole years now, I mean WOW) 
It was a bit of a shame the weather didn't carry on from the heatwave we had the week before, but hey - it's England, having fun in the rain is part of who we are?!

Last week I was in the wonderful ancient town of Stamford, hanging about on some slightly precarious ladders painting a mural for new disco 'The Groovy Club'

 The club boasts to bring the coolest late night retro sounds to the people of Stamford, so we went for a mix of retro-cool images to adorn the stairs that lead to the club.

The Pink Floyd spectrum rainbow bounces off all sides of the walls, and was a sure test of my 'painting-straight-whilst-balancing-on-a-scaffolding-board' abilities, and the Northern Soul made me feel patriotically proud.

 And at the top of the stairs, celebrating his own 4o year ruby jubilee is Mr Ziggy Stardust, I think this is one of the favourite things I have mural-painted ever actually, so simple but so affective!

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