Sunday, 17 August 2008

Bring and Share Summer Fete 08!

So, yesterday was 'Bring and Share Summer Fete' at the Lockside Lounge in Camden. It was to raise money to help build an orphanage in Tanzania and there was lots of fun fetey type things going on like tombola, cake stand, bingo, party hat making , and lots of food (yummy BBQ) and alcomohol!

We were asked to help make thing for the fete, some signage for the stalls, and an accoustic bandstand sponsored by the drinks company Suso.  

The bandstand was a nightmare to get together (in my windy garden!) but it worked out and looked really good with the ribbons blowing in the wind! hopefully they'll use it for something else!

Was knackered after making all the stuff but managed to stay out all day (there was bands in the evening t00) and we ended up in the Lock Tavern at 'Gingers do it better' a gingerfull dj lineup, and lots of dancing was had!

off making some paper palm trees for a photoshoot in the morning, so better get some sleep........i'll post some pics of the fete in a separate post, doesn't seem to want to work mid-post??

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