Sunday, 17 August 2008

It's about time!

So.......after pondering blogging for ages and ages, i've finally decided to get on with it and start one!

I've been so busy at the moment and i think it's be good to start to keep a diary of everything i'm up to.

Not sure who'll end up reading this, or whether you know me or not, so here's a little bit about me:

1. I am a northerner, from a little factory town called Darwen, which is next to Blackburn, Lancashire.

2. I am 25 years old 

3. I went to Kingston University and did a degree in Fine Art (I graduated in 2005)

4. I live in London, south now, but soon to be east

5. My favourite food is Roast dinners, or marmite, but not together

6. My favourite drink is vimto, although i haven't had one in ages cos there's too much sugar in it and it was making my teeth cry

7. My favourite colour is blue, or more specifically turquoise.

8. I work in a pub part time and in the other time I make art. lots of different things ranging from drawing, props, silly things, exhibitions.

9. I mainly make work with my good friend Maddy. Some people say we look the same, and she is northern too. we have a website and it's address is WWW.MALLYANDSADDY.CO.UK
I also have a website of my own work which is WWW.PROFESSIONALMAGPIE.CO.UK

10. Some day I hope to make enough money from art to live off, and my dream job would be to be an art director of music videos and sets for photoshoots. although I change my mind more than my socks (but i don't generally wear socks.)

11. I love cats, but I am allergic :( But I don't care and i'm planning on getting one soon. I have 2 cats that live at my mum's - Molly and Rosie (Rosie is autistic) but I don't get to visit them that often 

12. Some of the best things in life are: Festivals, picnics, discovering cool things on the internet, laughing at silly people in the street, noticing faces in inanimate objects, looking at the sky when you're in a built up area, cats waking you up by padding your belly.

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