Monday, 25 August 2008

My thumbs are sore!

1000's of little coloured star are now in production! Hence the sore thumbs.....................     
We're working on stuff for Bestival Radio, and the theme is 'Out of Space' today i'm making a huge spaceman to sit on top of the cabin.

The stars are probably gonna hang inside the cabin, although these things can never be decided till we're actually there. Doing work for festivals is amazing - seeing your work in these contexts is dazzling, but it does add 1000pounds of worry to the job, as there's so many unpredictable problems!

On other news, i found somewhere new to live in east london, and i CAN'T WAIT to move in!! really lovely house with big rooms and lots of natural light. And i'm moving in with 3 girls so it'll be lots of giggles i'm sure!

Only thing is, it's exactly one week till moving day and i'm petrified about starting packing! i've got a ridiculous amount of belongings and i need to sort through it all as well. Me and Maddy are going to hopefully get a studio somewhere nearby when we move, so I want to put my art stuff to one side till then! RARGH!

best get on with it!


fairytopia said...

LOVING the stars

but i want to see the giant spaceman!!


PS: totally reminded me of my old old old old old old blog which i just had to sign into to post this - makes for cringeworthy reading...


Jennifer Crouch said...

wanna eat em! yummmmmy!

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