Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hooray for being settled!!!

Been ages since i've posted, and things have been pretty crazy and unsettled in my life!
Moved out of my old place and have been pretty much homeless for about 3 weeks :( the house we were moving into had some problems, and it was really frustrating but ow it's all sorted and i'm sitting writing this in my new lovely bedroom! HOORAY! i'm very happy with our house and can't wait to explore our amazing neighbourhood!
My wonderful sister came over today and took me to buy some beautiful flower boxes for my window, they are so pretty! Then me and my dearest made a scrummy dinner of homemade burgers, sweet potato wedges, and corn on the cob! mmmmmmm! HAPPY :)
In art recaps, we went to BESTIVAL (officially the best festival in the world, even with the gales) and decorated the Radio station there. The theme was 'Out of this World' and we covered the inside of the portacabin with vintage images of spaceships and robots.  We also made a huge spaceman to sit on the roof of the Radio - with huge luminous orange arms, and the aerial for the station conveiniently popping out of his back! 
We also decorated 5 cardboard rockets i got from this amazing website
They make the most amazing cardboard playhouses for kids, and are all really helpful and nice. I can't wait to be able to buy them for my future kids!
Only thing was - even though we protected them with tarpalin, the rain got to them and they literally melted :( oh well! festivals are so unpredictable!

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