Saturday, 25 October 2008

Diesel Radio gets a gay disco

it has been ages since i last posted! and there's me trying to be good and keep everything updated. what a silly poop!
I haven't even updated my website since the start of summer, which is TERRIBLE because we've done sooo much since then! doesn't help that my dreamweaver package corrupted it's bloody self (anyone who has dreamweaver version 3 please help! I much prefer it to version 2!)
Anyway, since moving in we've been busy bees. Turns out that our friends at Diesel D.U.M Ra
dio had also moved in across the road from us and were keen on us doing some more work for them, which we were very happy to oblige!

Here is us up a ladder playing with ribbons! We are in LOVE
 with this ribbon! it's so cheap and affective!
Every Friday they had a live on air session with some wicked bands, and this area is where the bands played. We were concerned it looked a bit too camp, but soon forgot about that and made it even more snazzy, with a big bunch of origami stars and even more ribbon.

Ta Da.....and it looked like this.......

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