Thursday, 11 December 2008

Blue Crystals and Best Buddies

A couple of weeks ago we ventured across a cold and windy london (we being me, anne, my lovely sister and absy) to go and see this wonderful show called 'Seizure' in Elephant and Castle, by Rodger Hiorns.

We queued for 2 hours in the cold and rain to get the pair of borrowed wellies they gave you, and ventured into this little abandoned council flat. The whole place was filled with these amazing blue crystals, all over everything - the walls, ceiling, floor, and even a bath that was left there. It was amazing! 

The artist had made the flat completely water tight, in this huge tank, and filled it with the blue solution to let the crystals form, an amazing concept. 
It was the last weekend of the flat being there, hence the huge queues, but i'm really glad we waited. It was fine because I had the lovely company of my nearest and dearest there! cuddling to keep warm in the queue :)

I'm bloody achy today, after being dragged to the sports centre last night to do an hours worth of body conditioning with my house girls OW! I did enjoy it actually, although I thought the teacher was a bit skatty and confusing everyone. We're gonna try go every week now, but we'll see! after all we'll be going to many a evening party i reckon

Today = sock monkey's for family member's babies!

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