Sunday, 21 December 2008

busy busy baking

So, every year I try and make my Christmas presents for all my family, and even with my best intensions I always end up with it being christmas eve and me furiously finishing things in my room.

I've tried to be a little more organized this year, and have actually done a tad better. I decided Gingerbread houses would make really lovely presents, put together as a pack with a bundle of sweets and icing. 

I found a template for the pieces online and found it's surprisingly easy really. The first batch went a little wrong because I left it in the oven a little too long and it was inedibly hard, but the second one I made for Amy tasted great. 

Amy seemed to love the present and we put it together at her flat while watching muppet's christmas carol, very christmassy! 

It needed a little propping up with some cleverly placed marshmallows, but it managed to stay erected! Hooray!

I think a key thing to do is to take it out of the oven while the gingerbread is a bit soft, and leave it overnight to harden before you put it together.
Apparently you're supposed to wait till New Year's Day to eat it, but i'm not sure that'll happen!

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