Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Hot water bottles and t'internet

Hellllllllllllllllo baby!

Happy New Ears 2009! Hope you had a brilliant time doing brilliant things with the brilliant people in your life........I did.

Went to Glasgow to see my very favorite couple, Tie and Jeffory in their new flat, a renovated glasgow tenement block in Partick (or PATRICK as i drunkernly waffled to the cab driver PATRICK?) Was lovely to see them all settled, and I was very jealous of their swish flat that is the same price as my room in London (I seriously wonder why we bother struggling in London sometimes)

I've been ill for 2 weeks now GRRRRRR, and now I have tonsillitis BOO! Getting really fed up of feeling poorly, although I nicked Maddy's hot water bottle tonight and it cheered me up no end. Just wanna get better now so I can get on with all the stuff I want to do.

I've been in bed for what seems like an eon (mind you besides being ill, it's too bloody cold in my room to leave my double duvet, full pj's, socks, hoody and slippers cocoon) so i've been indulging in my favorite pastime of trailing the internet for things to inspire.
I'm currently in LOVE with this website called theselby.com
It's a guy that goes to interesting people's houses, mainly in the states, and takes pictures of where they live (the photos above are some highlights) I love the snooping element, and pinching ideas for interiors I may one day own. The beautiful beautiful New York ones are my favorite (oh to live there!!!! - one day, one day!)

I love the beginning of a New Year. That overwhelming feeling you get that it's a fresh start and the wonderful trumped up determination you have to better yourself. 
Some parts of it are bullshit, like people worrying about their weight too much, and starting diets that are probably already over. But it's only a good thing to feel energized in these cold months, especially with everyone hooting on about the bloody credit crunch. 

I've decided 2009 is going to be the year I actually get a career sorted. full bloody stop! I'm so tired of doing part time jobs to keep my head above water, especially because they take me away from what I love doing. I just need to work on more ways to be paid from this art malarky. Seriously though, if it doesn't happen this year i'm going to make a boat out of paper mache and cocktail sticks and set sail for....hmmm......Greenland? I heard it's gonna be the next best place to live. Although I think it's colder than here, and I'm not even handling this coldness. Well, anyway, it's certainly far away from bullshit smelly bus rides and crappy free papers.

2008 was a wonderful year, and i'm really happy with what I got done, the friends I met (and the ones I got to spend another year with) The places I went to and the music I discoed to.

Here's to another smily year :)

in other news - my sister got engaged! Yeay! 
I'm over the moon for her, john is the best guy you could wish for. I can't wait to be bridesmaid for her!

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Jeffory said...

We like our flat too.
We think you should add us.
Love Love Jeffory

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