Sunday, 26 April 2009

Happy Heart

Today was a good day.

Me and my friends ventured in to a very calm and sunny London town to watch our other wonderful friend Liam run the London Marathon.

After a bus picnic and some larking around with a pretty rubbish megaphone (but still a very happy megaphone!) we got to the 25 mile mark, only to be told (via the chip-satellite locator) that the little whippet had already finished!

A first marathon in 3 Hours 28 Mins! and with a dodgy knee!

My heart is overflowing with pride. Liam's been working so tirelessly to achieve today, running in memory of his mum Do, who sadly passed away just over a year ago. 

We were there in full-hat support! GO-FOR-DO!

After the excitement of the race we went for a relaxed sit in the park. Got harassed by some fun-breaking alcohol cops, and saw some fairly nonchalant acrobats chilling and occasionally deciding to do something amazing like this....

London is the best place in the world to be in on a sunny day :)

1 comment:

Tie said...

i likes this day :)
tho it makes me sad that we weren't there for it... X

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