Friday, 7 August 2009

Lordy Lord

I'd almost forgotten about blogging! Well, seeing as whoever 'Cuckeeboo' is has bugged off and left us with no stealable internet connection at home, the computer has been for business only and only in business hours too I might admit (in the sweatbox that is my studio at the moment)

We need a bit of a catch up don't wee? pooh?

It's been holiday time in Sallyland (and some passing of death-defying events) and also busy busy in the throws of festival season with all it's glorious rain-ruining qualities!

First off, we had a big party for the opening of The Beer Gallery a Amersham Garden redesign I curated. I invited loads of terribly talented paintbrush holders to come and splurge their creative brains all over our garden walls, and the results were so magnificent that a good old party was a must. Beer, BBQ, Beats, and Buddies.

I even painted the windows to inform New Cross:

Then it was off on holiday's for me and the one we call 'Sandig' heading to her native Dresden for a big family party, massages for breakfast, too much schnaps, and the beginnings of a new addiction to sausages.....
......and balloons
A hop, skip and a coach full of drunkern teenagers later we joined our friends in Benicassim for round 3 of the festival there.
Some nice relaxing on the beach, messing around with massive black inflatable sausages was just what the doctor ordered, until.........

....God got royally pissed at all the merrimaking, and send a fat bastard wind storm to cancel Kings of Leon and left us holding onto the corners of our tents for dear life. Thanks God.

Needless to say, after a cuddle and an eyebath we were fine and got back to cowering from the blistering heat.

Back to business and last weekend hosted round 2 of our involvement at Field Day Festival, in Victoria Park. After last years day long drizzle, Maddy and Saddy did so many rain dances that they had to invoice for new shoes.

It worked (nearly) and the decorations we made for the new TimeOut hosted 'Do you come here often?' Cabaret Tent held up for the entire day

......poundshop reader's wives bunting

We also saw our Vend-A-Party make it's second outing, decking out the festival revellers with everything they might of forgotten for an amazing festival (mustaches, party hats, silly glasses, bowties, cakes - you know the score) We had a queue for most of the day WOOP!

This photo is for the lovely girls at Lady Luck Rules OK fanks lucky ladies!

Next has been a little comission to decorate the Popbitch golfbuggy of silliness at Big Chill Festival. A competition box, couple of signs and..... hundered Michael Jackson masks (50 sans nose)
oooooo and we've got a market tomorrow.......A Little Bazaar, 12pm-6pm, 131 Upper Street, Islington

Until next time pop pickers!

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