Friday, 7 August 2009

Squeaky Hill

ooooo and something else I saw that I liked - 'Boys and Dance' on the 'Do you come here often' stage at Field Day. Hailing from the super talented Bristol based Squeaky Hill art collective. A Dance routine fit for flashdance and some rather sexual shiny gold costumes.

Squeaky Hill host a variety of 'happenings' all around the country and at many festivals. I came into contact with them at 'Start the Bus' in Bristol where I did some mural work. They are definitely my kind of silly - totally unpretentious and not afraid to make a total dick of themselves. Their other achievements include - Bottle rocket competitions, 2 many DJ's, Mustache club, extreme apple bobbing and the 'No so' supermarket.

Brilliantly Ridiculous!

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