Thursday, 15 July 2010

A few interesting things.......

......I have found out about Blackburn so far...

1. There is a giant buried here - John Fred Kempster

2. Ghandi visited Darwen (where I grew up) in 1931

3. The Spinning Jenny was invented here; revolutionising weaving and turned Blackburn into the weaving capital of the world!

4. The Crest was granted in 1852 and the bits of it have the following meaning:
  • The Worker Bees are are an emblem of SKILL, PERSERVERANCE & INDUSTRY
  • The White represents CALICO, a product of Blackburn
  • The Black wavy line represent BLACK BROOK - the river Blakewater Blackburn is built on and derives its name from
  • The Green represents Strength
  • The Dove represents Blackburn as a peaceful place
  • The Dove stands on a shuttle, representing weaving - which has contributed to the prosperity of the town more than any other industry.
  • The Lozenges (diamond shapes) represent the spinning jenny
  • Finally the motto - ARTE ET LABOUR which means 'By Art and Labour' summing up the energy and enterprise of Blackburnian workers.


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