Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Liberating Empty Terain Project, Blackburn

Good Morning Campers! The day in East Lancashire today is a little grayer than I'd prefer but I care not as I have a terribly exciting project to be getting on with.

I've been back in my faithful homelands for a couple of months now, beavering away in my little studio and planning the months ahead. It feels a bit weird to be away from London after so long there, but I'm truly loving the calm and eager feelings that are being nurtured. London can get a bit hectic and distracting sometimes, so this is indeed a welcome break.
Most excitingly, I have been chosen as the local artist for the latest brief from The LET Project (Liberating Empty Terrain) This is a fantastic series of projects running in Blackburn Town Centre, highlighting the need to support local creative industries by inviting them to take over disused properties.

I will be creating a mural on a disused shop in Lord Street West, working with local people and ideas to create something both reflective and progressive to the regeneration of the area. The shop in question is sandwiched between a wonderful, traditional Ironmongers, and 'Decades' - one of the best Vintage shops in the North (if not in the country - I used to spend many an hour in this treasure box as a teen)

I feel a particular kinship to this project, as it's a shop that I used to frequently when I used to live in Blackburn. It used to be known as 'The Jumble Sale Shop' between those in the know, and it was basically a shop used by various small charities on a short term basis to raise money through selling jumble. It was BARGAIN central, with many lovely grandmas helping you bag your treasure.

This block of shops have a industrial quality typical of the area and have some beautiful original features. I'm especially in awe of the graphic signage of the Ironmongers next door and want to use this as inspiration in my design.

Today, I'm off to Blackburn town centre to sketch some landmarks and gather information from the museum and art gallery. Who'd of thought it!

Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

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