Monday, 5 April 2010


Tomorrow I'm off to Nottingham for a week to create a piece of work at new venue 'Spanky Van Dykes Eatery and Funhouse' (that's got to be the best name for a pub ever right?!)
As always, the nature of what I'm to create is surrounded in some mystery (even to myself) until I arrive tomorrow, but I do know however, that it involves creating half a caravan, which I plan on turning into a home for some magical freak show characters. I'll be posting live updates on my TUMBLR.

The venue is the latest fun palace from the entertainment boffins 580 who i've worked with several times before. It's really exciting to get involved with these venues at their creation, and seeing them being embraced by the locals. Plus I get to spread my doodles far and wide! So far I have been to: Bristol, Bournemouth, Brixton, Leeds, and Sheffield! 

After Nottingham is Kraken Wakes, Portsmouth and The Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, so much more daftness coming that way soon.

I'm also doing the vending machine again for the opening parties, although I've rejiggled the idea a little (due to the emigration of a certain little someone) DoodleVend is now going to incorporate different artists at every venue it travels to, meaning live, customised goodies for everyone!
Check my DoodleVend Blog for dates, locations and info on the jazzy artists involved.

And finally, in moving news - I'm one week away from the moving my nest back to the beautiful North. Typically things have all come at once, so it's a yo-yo game between here, there and Nottingham, but I'm excited. 2 car boots helped me shift the mountain of crap (and make a little wonga in the process) so now I'm the streamlined version of the old me, and it feels like spring in my heart.

Hello next chapter, I've been looking forward to meeting you.

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