Sunday, 14 March 2010

Just until I sync up my online presence

For the beginning part of this year I have been trying out a new blogging format, Tumblr, and until I spend a bit of time learning how to cross-feed my rambles, you can keep up with me there:

This year so far I have:
  • Registered as self emplyed. Baffling and exciting in equal measures. I'm going to a workshop on the ins and outs of Tax returns tomorrow. I finally feel like an adult.
  • Had my first 'Acting' Job. Playing the part of the Artist in a new adaptation for Children called 'The Animated Tales of Shakespeare' It involved an overhead projector, some live drawing a Musician and an Actor. Telling the tales of Shakespeare in a simplified and innovative way.
  • Decided that I'm moving back home for a year, to concentrate on getting myself off the ground. London is an extremely challenging place to live for an artist at the beginning of their career. The wealth of inspiration felt here is irreplaceable, but the weight of financial responsibility can often snatch away precious time from what makes me truly happy, creating. I've spent 8 years in London, and stamped countless experiences and memories into the fabric of who I am, but there's a whole world out there, and I think it's time to explore some more of it.
Ok, time to re-engagewith the Sunday job at hand - sorting out the mountain of crap that I neither want or need with me on my next adventure.

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