Friday 27 May 2011


Hello magical blog reader!

So, here we are, another year is already pinging it's months away like a frantic game of pong. And here I am, hanging my head in shame at my lack of updates to this blog. Naughty me.

But, but, but - I have been up to things y'know! Things which I intend to blab on about in some update posts over the next few days/weeks.

I have also made a decision to try and post more about everything on here. Work stuff, cool things I come across, home stuff, cat things (I have cats now). I think sometimes I get a bit worried about crossing over work/my art posts with things I find inspirational - like I should keep them separate. But I have realised that having 5 billion different online presences to update only serves to confuzzle my head and, ultimately, prevent me from posting in the first place.

Enough already!

The first and pretty much most exciting thing to happen in my creative world is - I am now a represented Illustrator. Woooop indeed!

I met with the wonderful people at New Division a couple of months back, and after some portfolio slap and tickles have just gone live on their website. You can see my online portfolio HERE. They have also done a feature on me as part of their own blog. Nice.

New Division is the sister agency of Meiklejohn, an agency formed in 1973 (a whole decade before I was born!) and represents some of the best contemporary illustrators around (cripes I have some talented agency friends)

Since joining the agency I have had some wonderfully helpful advice on getting my portfolio client-ready, and have both reworked some images and created some fresh drawings. It's been a really nice time to stop and take stock of the work I've produced so far and feel confident that I have a solid body of work to enter the world of commercial illustration. It's also nice to know that I've now got the knowledge and advice of a well established agent behind me, something that can only be helpful with the inevitably scary business side of a creative career.


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