Friday 27 May 2011

Like old Friends

Working through all the images I have ever created took some time I tell thee, but it was a welcome task as I got to revisit some old drawings I'd almost forgotten about. My agents were particularly interested in seeing digital versions of the doodles I created from the murals I've done, but as I mainly work in a brain-to pen-to wall fashion, there was a need to recreate these images on paper.

The above image was originally etched onto the entrance hall of Bungalows and Bears, a jauntly Northern establishment in Sheffield established by the ever talented and expending 580 limited.

The original mural depicted the now-demolished Sheffield cooling towers, with local superstars The Arctic Monkeys on top of one, and *my school girl crush* Pulp on the other.

I remember on this job having to hunt down an internet cafe to google image pictures of the towers and the bands for reference. God, how much do I love having an iphone now.

The second reworked image was originally from the first in the pub mural series I did at Start the Bus, Bristol (another 580 wonder)

I remember being absolutely terrified to start to draw on this mural, probably due to be only being told the brief on the train to Bristol that morning. Also having a whole room full of people waiting to see what I was drawing was a bit unnerving. It was the first of what I've now come to know as 'Rolf Harris Syndrome' People are perplexed into silence by watching you draw and trying to work out what it's going to be. It's something I thrive off now; there is no fannying around when there's a mural to do.

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