Tuesday 7 June 2011

Inky Fingers

A couple of months ago I decided it was about time to go back to school and pick up a process I last tried at college, some 10 years ago (yikes) Screen printing.
When I moved to Northamptonshire at the start of the year I was lucky enough to come across a lovely little place called Leicester Print Workshop a mere half an hour drive down the A6, and decided to sign up to their 'Introduction to Screen Printing' course held over a weekend and ran by the lovely Gemma Wright. 

I remembered quite a bit about how to screen print but thought it was a good idea to have a proper recap and save myself making silly mistakes, so along I went with a few black and white images to see what I could produce, one of which you can see above. It's a reworking of a drawing I first used in a mural, but one I thought deserved a bit more love.

Gemma gave some helpful advice and suggestions about how you can add hand-drawn textures to your prints so I experimented by adding a background evening sky, made by painting on acrylic onto acetate and scratching it off with some sandpaper.

Getting printing again was lots of messy fun, and reminded me how much I loved it, even if you do get sore fingers and a bad back! You have to be super quick when you're printing and have lots of space to lay your prints out for them to dry, I stacked them anywhere I could.

I tried a few different colours for the back ground sky but reverted back to the clean black and white image, which I think works best.

One day these will grace a shop I'm sure.

The other image I printed that day was a new one I made special. Look, it's some kids on a merry-go-round! I really like this image and hope to use it again one day for something, it looks brills as a print but I think I'm going to use it with multiple colours next time.

I've been printing more since this adventure and am really enthused to start printing at home too.

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